A tiny proton withstands pressures bigger than the ones seen in a neutron star
Scientists calculate the pressure inside a proton - science news articles with summaries

For the first time, physicists were able to calculate the pressure distribution of a proton. Amazingly, it turns out that protons’ interior contains a pressure higher than the one experienced by a neutron star, the densest objects in the universe.

According to the study, the protons contain a highly pressurized core that generates an enormous amount of pressure pushing outwards. In the same time, the region surrounding the core pushes inwards and the balance between the two forces stabilizes the integrity of the proton.

To calculate the pressure, several factors were considered including the contributions of both quarks and gluons, the proton’s subatomic constituents. This theoretical study should be experimentally confirmed and it is expected that this will be done over the following years.

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Scientific publication: Physical Review Letters