Excess wind energy can be stored in the form of hydrogen, which is later added to the gas distribution network: profitable and green
Power-to-gas technology: profitable and green - technology short science news

Economists have established that so-called « power-to-gas » technology is already commercially viable today. Power-to-gas technology involves the storage of hydrogen and the use of hydrogen to balance power distribution networks. This is an environmentally green technique as excess wind and solar energy can be used to produce hydrogen through water electrolysis.

The hydrogen can recover the energy later, and be added to the gas pipeline network. Calculations show that power-to-gas technology is now advantageous for smaller to mid-sized industry, and is expected to be so for big industry in 2030.

Power-to-gas technology can thus be used to develop a climate-friendly infrastructure linking power generation, production, and transport, the economists say.

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