Tiny, modular robots, powered by small muscles could have important applications in medicine. Credit: Microbiorobotic Systems Laboratory (MICROBS), EPFL
Microscopic, soft robots might keep you healthy in the near future - science news articles

A team of researchers reports the development of microscopic, soft micromachines, able to travel inside the body and mechanically stimulate cells and tissues. The tiny robots are powered by artificial muscles, the size of a cell and are wirelessly activated by laser beams.

Inside the human body, there is a variety of mechanical stimuli that act on tissues affecting their ability to carry on physiological functions. The scientists aim to control and reproduce these types of stimuli using the micromachines.

For the moment the discovery is used for fundamental research, but the technology has practical applications too. Soon, these devices could be used as medical implants with the aim of improving the health of human beings.

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