Theoretically, this experimental device could turn boiling water to ice, without using any energy. (Andreas Schilling, UZH)
Cooling without energy consumption? - interesting science news

Physicists are always up to something weird. Now they have developed a simple device that facilitates heat to flow temporarily from a cold to a warm object without an external power supply. Surprisingly, at first sight this might contradict some fundamental laws of physics.

To do this, researchers used a Peltier element which is usually used to cool minibars in hotels. This element can convert electric current to temperature differences. This element creates thermal oscillating circuits, in which an oscillating heat current flows between two bodies perpetually changing directions. So, heat also temporarily flows from colder to warmer objects cooling the cold object further.

However, rest assured that this does not contradict the laws of physics since the scientists have shown that entropy of the whole system increases with time in full compliance with the law of thermodynamics.

Read the full story: University of Zurich
Scientific publication: Science Advances

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