3D printed heart… How cool is that

Apr 16, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav


In a first, researchers have 3D printed the world’s first engineered heart using patients own cells and other biological materials. The first heart with cells, blood vessels, all the chambers and eve... Read more

The future of agriculture: Cyber agriculture

Apr 04, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


Researchers are in the process of growing crops that taste good, without genetic modifications. To this end, they use computer algorithms to determine optimal growing conditions to obtain the best concentr... Read more

Creating hydrogen fuel from seawater

Mar 19, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


Hydrogen is an appealing option for fuel, because burning it produces only water, no carbon dioxide. As powering cars and cities would take enormous amounts of hydrogen, it seems impossible to use purified... Read more

Sweat holds great promise for noninvasive measurements

Mar 18, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


Scientists and clinicians search for biosensors that accurately reflect metabolite concentrations and effects of drugs in the blood.

It turns out that measurements in sweat hold great promi... Read more

A ‘trap’ to slow down antibiotic resistance

Mar 15, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav


Scientists have developed a faster test, which is able to identify how single bacteria react to antibiotics. Importantly, the susceptibility to an antibiotic can be ascertained in one-hour as compared to t... Read more

Increased ‘alone-together’ family time due to mobile devices

Mar 13, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav


Researchers have found out that children are spending more time at home with their parents than before, but this has not increased the together time spent by them such as watching TV or eating. Rather, the... Read more

Wearable technology to convert mechanical energy to electricity

Mar 12, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav

How cool is this? Researchers have developed a movie inspired liquid formula which is a wearable technology that converts the mechanical energy due to movement to ... Read more

Bacteria that eat waste and breathe electricity

Mar 08, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav


Researchers visited the Yellowstone National Park for an entirely different reason. To capture bacteria from the hot springs that eat and breathe electricity. The scientists left a few electrodes submerged... Read more

Wow…A four-legged robot doing backflips

Mar 05, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav

MIT researchers have developed a four-legged robot. Weighing just 20 pounds, it can get back into its natural position in a blink even when it is pushed to the ground. The most impress... Read more

Mice with night vision

Mar 01, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


Scientists have developed nanoparticles that can be injected in the retina and convert here infrared light into visible green light.

When applied in the retina, which converts light into el... Read more

Switching on the activity of molecules with infrared light

Mar 01, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


Scientists have developed a new technique that makes it possible to activate a molecule that is already in the body by light.

Shining light locally is thought to limit unwanted side effects... Read more

Power-to-gas technology: profitable and green

Feb 27, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


Economists have established that so-called « power-to-gas » technology is already commercially viable today. Power-to-gas technology involves the storage of hydrogen and the use of hydrogen to ... Read more

Scientists calculate the pressure inside a proton

Feb 22, 2019 Alexandru Ciobanu


For the first time, physicists were able to calculate the pressure distribution of a proton. Amazingly, it turns out that protons’ interior contains a pressure higher than the one experienced by a ne... Read more

A robot that finds its way like a desert ant

Feb 14, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


While moving robots find their way in their environment by GPS, researchers have now constructed one that navigates like a desert ant.

Desert ants use the polarized pattern of skylight and ... Read more

Microscopic, soft robots might keep you healthy in the future

Feb 08, 2019 Alexandru Ciobanu


A team of researchers reports the development of microscopic, soft micromachines, able to travel inside the body and mechanically stimulate cells and tissues. The tiny robots are powered by artificial musc... Read more

New hydrogel material works like human muscle

Feb 04, 2019 Alexandru Ciobanu


A new material made from a double-network of hydrogels has the ability to increase its strength in response to mechanical stress, similar to the human muscles. This ability allows the material to repair th... Read more

Thermoelectric paper produced through sustainable and environmentally friendly process

Jan 31, 2019 Alexandru Ciobanu


Researchers announced the development of a new method to produce thermoelectric paper that is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Thermoelectric paper is a material made of cellulose, containing... Read more

Major advancement in sequencing the genome of small species

Jan 29, 2019 Alexandru Ciobanu


Decoding the genome of small organisms has proven difficult due to the challenges associated with extracting enough DNA to achieve a quality analysis from a single specimen. To overcome this scientists poo... Read more

Studying blood capillaries in 3D with a new technique

Jan 28, 2019 Erwin van den Burg


By combining spectroscopy and tomography techniques, scientists are able for the first time to study the over 40 billion tiny, hair-like blood vessels in our body. This is an important step forward, as the... Read more

Privacy at risk even if you don’t have a social media account

Jan 22, 2019 Kshitij Jadhav


A new study has shown that privacy on our favourite social media is like second-hand smoke, meaning that it is dependent on people surrounding us.

The study found that even if a person lea... Read more