Just imagine charging your phone only two times per month

Dec 10, 2018 Kshitij Jadhav


Researchers have developed Fluoride-based batteries which could potentially last eight times longer effectively reducing the number of times you need to charge your devices. They have developed the first r... Read more

Nanowires used to create artificial synapses

Dec 07, 2018 Kshitij Jadhav


In a major breakthrough, scientists have produced a memristive element from nanowire which functions similar to a neuron. This element can both process and save information and also receive several signals... Read more

AI to deliver audio news feed

Dec 07, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Google has just announced the launch of its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-driven audio news feed. The service is similar to radio news journals; however, the content will be personalized by AI algorithms.Read more

3D-printed glucose biosensors as a replacement for finger pricking

Dec 07, 2018 Erwin van den Burg


Scientists have succeeded to make a glucose biosensor by 3D printing that can be used in wearable monitors.

While alternatives for glucose meters that require constant finger printing alr... Read more

Tech entrepreneurs have their own unique political views

Dec 06, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


A new study suggests tech entrepreneurs have different political views compared to other mainstream economic categories.

Technology innovators tend to support liberal social and redistribut... Read more

Faster artificial intelligence with light-powered chips

Nov 29, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Researchers are developing a new radical way to accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms. The new approach involves an optical chip that uses light (instead of electrons) to transfer information... Read more

Better organic electrodes with bacteria

Nov 27, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Electrochemical systems containing bacteria have been described before, but in practice, they are difficult to use because of their large size. To improve them, miniaturization is necessary. Now, scientist... Read more

New technique to remove toxic mercury from contaminated water

Nov 23, 2018 Erwin van den Burg


Researchers have established a new technique to remove the highly toxic mercury from contaminated water. The new method is based on electrochemistry. Mercury ions are attracted to a metal plate, an electro... Read more

First-ever plane with no moving parts

Nov 21, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Every know aircraft today has some moving parts such as propellers and fans, however, researchers from MIT just announced building the first plane with no moving parts. And it flies, too!

Th... Read more

Melting gold at room temperature

Nov 20, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Researchers have, for the first time, managed to melt gold at room temperature. There’s no need to rush and put your jewelry in the fridge! An intense electrical field is needed for the melting to oc... Read more

“Artificial sun” reaches 100 million degrees - a key step for fusion science

Nov 19, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Scientists working with the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) nicknamed the “Chinese artificial sun” reported an amazing achievement: they reached a plasma central electron t... Read more

The kilogram and three other fundamental units of measurement redefined

Nov 16, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


The kilogram is defined by a platinum cylinder, International Prototype Kilogram (informally Le Grand K or IPK), manufactured in 1889 and stored in Paris. Countries made copies of this reference cylinder a... Read more

Use of a polymer increases lithium battery life

Nov 15, 2018 Erwin van den Burg


Lithium batteries that run longer and charge faster can become a reality soon. Scientists have developed the next generation of such metal batteries by using a special polymer on the interface of the lithi... Read more

Researchers make any electronic camera shoot a million frames per second

Nov 15, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Did you know that the camera in your smartphone is actually an ultra-high-speed image capturing device? Well, it is now, with the development of a new technique that allows ordinary electronic cameras to a... Read more

Structure of small molecules uncovered in 30 minutes with this new technology

Nov 13, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


A recent study describes a new approach that achieves the amazing capability of allowing identification of the structures of small molecules (hormones, drugs) in as little as 30 minutes. Using current approaches, such a task could take hours or e... Read more

Flexible sensor measures blood-oxygen anywhere in the body

Nov 08, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


A new type of sensor (oximeter) allows detection of the blood-oxygen levels over large areas of the body, providing crucial medical information.

The sensor is made of organic electronics pri... Read more

New device reads and writes quantum information

Nov 06, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Quantum computers technology just got a boost with the development of a new silicon-based device capable of reading and writing quantum information, two essential functions for error correction in computer... Read more

Controlling genes with light

Oct 17, 2018 Alexandru Ciobanu


Scientists report the development of a new technology that controls gene transcription using light. Gene transcription is the process that allows the conversion of DNA into RNA, a crucial step in producing... Read more

Graphene technologies to transform cutting edge applications in telecommunications

Oct 15, 2018 Erwin van den Burg


Technology for telecommunications is expected to benefit from graphene, which enables ultra-wide bandwidth communications with low power consumption, researchers report. While current semiconductor technol... Read more

Self-healing polymers produced at low cost

Oct 12, 2018 Erwin van den Burg


A new study reports the production of a new self-healing polymer that is cheap and can be applied to for instance the coating of cell phone screens, plastics, and paints. The researchers took advantage of ... Read more