A new distant space object has been identified and it is the farthest in our solar system. Credit: Roberto Molar Candanosa and Scott S. Sheppard is courtesy of the Carnegie Institution for Science.
FArFarOut - the most distant object in our solar system discovered - short science news

A team of astronomers reports on the discovery of what is now the most distant known object in the solar system. Nicknamed FarFarOut, the object is located at a distance 140 times farther from the sun than Earth.

The discovery was made while the scientists were searching the sky for the hypothesized ninth planet. FarFArOut and the other distant objects identified so far could provide clues about the existence of this planet.

The discovery still needs to be confirmed. Moreover, time is still required to understand its orbit and see if it can provide further information about what lies at the frontier of the solar system.

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