A detailed view of the solar corona from the STEREO-A coronagraph after extensive image processing. Image: Craig DeForest, SwRI
Detailed images of the sun’s corona reveal physical structure - space science news

New image processing software made it possible to study the structure of the sun’s corona in much more detail before. Pictures taken by the COR2 coronagraph aboard NASA’s Solar and Terrestrial Relation Observatory, which orbits the Sun between Venus and Earth, thus revealed physical structure. Until now it was believed that the corona was homogenous and smooth, but this misinterpretation, as it turns out, is due to poor prior image resolution. Thus, the new observations give more insight in the structure of the corona, which is important for understanding solar winds that embed magnetic fields that we can measure on Earth. The findings of this study will be extended soon, when NASA’s new mission with the Parker Solar Probe, which aims to make measurements from within the corona itself.

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