Our mission is to bring science to the general public. We “translate” the technical scientific language in a simple and concise way, accessible to everyone. We communicate and explain science trough daily science news, but also through more detailed explanatory scientific articles.

We believe in evidence-based science, so we provide news and information backed by real scientific studies. We favor peer-reviewed research as the source of our news and scientific articles.

For the readers interested in a particular subject, we always offer the possibility for further advanced reading by providing the links for the sources and scientific publications associated with the news.


ScienceBriefss is a news company and uses a dedicated website and an application for mobile devices to disseminate summaries of the latest science news, on a daily basis. ScienceBriefss aims to raise awareness of the importance of scientific discoveries and to make science more accessible to the general public. We hope to bring a small contribution to the education of the public and to the increased use of scientific results for the improvement of health, environment, and technological innovation in our daily lives.


ScienceBriefss uses an original concept for news articles, suited for the modern person, always bombarded with information.

We provide short articles that are concise summaries of the latest developments in science, written in a non-technical manner. Thus, we help our readers to understand the science and to save time by quickly scanning through the news and following in-depth only the ones that they desire. 

We cover news from various scientific domains: health, life, technology, earth, space, mind and brain, etc. ScienceBriefss covers news only from trustable sources represented by prestigious universities, research institutes and companies from all over the world. This is supported by the in-house development of algorithms to survey and summarise a great number of news sources efficiently.

ScienceBriefss gladly invites scientists interested in science communication and outreach to contribute articles about their own research. ScienceBriefss’ scientific writers produce periodically lengthy articles to cover in-depth analyses of outstanding science news and to explain how science and research work.