Anger experienced in dreams originates in the frontal cortex
Where do angry dreams arise in the brain? - interesting science news

In a new study conducted in healthy adults, researchers have identified a pattern of brain activity which can predict anger experienced during dreams.

Researchers collected EEG recordings from heathy study participants during sleep studies on two separate nights. Immediately after a five minute bout of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is associated with dreams, the study participants were woken up and inquired about their dream. It was found that those individuals who displayed greater alpha band brain activity in the right frontal cortex and not the left, both during evening wakefulness and REM sleep experienced more anger in their sleep.

This neural signature called frontal alpha asymmetry (FAA) might be the universal indicator of emotional regulation and studying this could be important since it could give us insights into nightmares which are common in several mental and sleep disorders.

Read the full story: Society for Neuroscience (via ScienceDaily)
Scientific publication: Journal of Neuroscience

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