Teenage cannabis use linked to adult depression - interesting science news
Adolescent cannabis smoking might be considered cool, but it causes mental health problems

Cannabis has been lot in news lately with all the health benefits it is touted for especially for psychosis. However, not much attention is given to its use and the risk of depression and anxiety.

Now, researchers have done a huge meta-analysis comprising of 11 international studies, which included a total of 23,317 patients, and it shows that cannabis use especially in adolescents is associated with increased risk of depression and suicide in adulthood. However, its use is not linked to anxiety.

This translates to about 400,000 adolescent cases of depression in the US alone. However, the study falls short of finding a dose-dependent risk of cannabis use.

Read the full story: University of Oxford (via ScienceDaily)
Scientific publication: JAMA Psychiatry

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