Neuronal activity in the brains of Alzheimer's patients is altered by two proteins that are associated with the disease.
Tau protein reduces neuronal activity in mouse models of Alzheimer’s disease - brain short science news

The proteins amyloid-beta and tau form plaques and tangles in the brain of Alzheimer’s disease patients, but exactly how they damage the brain is still not completely known. In a new study, scientists found that the tau protein reduces neuronal activity in brains of mice with amyloid-beta plaques.

This is intriguing considering that amyloid-beta plaques increase neuronal activity.

Thus, the activity of tau protein dominates over that of amyloid-beta, and scientists suggest that for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, both proteins should be targeted simultaneously instead of separately.

Read the full story: Massachusetts General Hospital
Scientific publication: Nature Neuroscience

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