What sets our brain apart from an animal's brain? Perhaps the newly discovered human brain cell?
New cell discovered in the human brain - neuroscience news

In post-mortem tissue from two men that had donated their brains to science, neuroscientists have found a completely new cell type that seems to absent in rodents. This new neuron is located in layer I of the cortex, which is the outer part of the brain directly under the skull. It is an inhibitory neuron that puts the brakes on the activity of other cortical neurons. Its shape, which led the scientists to name it rosehip neuron, and its genetic makeup are unique. Its precise role in the brain has not yet been elucidated, nor is it known whether monkeys and apes have it. However, the fact that rats and mice, typically used in neuroscience, do not have it illustrates the difficulties scientists can experience when modeling human disease in laboratory animals.

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