A new vaccine could help our fight against Alzheimer's disease
DNA vaccine for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease - short science articles and news

Alzheimer’s disease is associated with accumulation of tau and amyloid beta proteins in the brain leading to neurodegeneration. Now, researchers have developed a DNA vaccine, which decreases the accumulation of these proteins in mice.

This DNA vaccine contained a coding sequence for a segment of beta-amyloid protein. After injecting it into mice, the immune system produces antibodies against the amyloid protein thereby decreasing its accumulation in the brain. Interestingly, it also reduced the tau protein accumulation in these mice modeled to have Alzheimer’s disease.

If found successful in future tests, this could pave the way for future human clinical trials.

Read the full story: UT Southwestern Medical Center
Scientific publication: Alzheimer's Research & Therapy

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