Blocking the CD22 protein could be our answer to Alzheimer's disease
Cognition restored in old mice by blocking a protein - interesting science news

Microglia, the garbage collecting cells in the brain have several genes which are linked to Alzheimer’s disease and these genes are active only in the microglia. These genes show abnormal activity patterns in Parkinson’s disease and ALS too.

Researchers selected 3000 genes which are responsible for encoding proteins in these microglia and selectively blocked one gene at a time. Surprisingly, only one gene which encodes CD22 found in both humans and mice was substantially upregulated in old mice.

Blocking the protein produced by this gene in the hippocampus of the brain of old mice resulted in old mice outperforming normal mice in various tasks associated with learning and memory indicating that the cognitive ability of these mice was improved.

Read the full story: Stanford University
Scientific publication: Nature

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