This Australian marsupial eliminates competition to have more food. Image by Gernot Heiser through Wikimedia Commons
This lesser hairy-footed dunnart eats its competitors - life science news

Researchers from the University of Sydney have found that the lesser hairy-footed dunnart (Sminthopsis youngsoni, Dasyuridae) consume unexpectedly large quantities of wolf spiders. Further observations indicated that both the dunnart and the wolf spiders hunt the same prey, ants, and they do so during the night. In times of prey scarcity, the larger predator (in this case the dunnart) eats its smaller competitor (the wolf spiders) to reduce competition for food. This phenomenon is known as “intraguild predation”, and the current study is first one to show that this occurs between taxa that are extremely disparate. 

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Scientific publication: Royal Society Open Source