Scientists developed an algorithm to measure how influential a film is
This is the most “influential” film ever, according to science - science news

An original study investigated over 47,000 films listed on the internet movie database IMDb to understand which one is the most influential film of all times. The top criterion was the number of times one particular movie has been referenced to by subsequent films, similar to how the impact of a scientific paper is measured.

According to the researches, the most influential film ever was “The Wizard of Oz”, followed by “Star Wars” and “Psycho”. All the films found in the top 20 were produced before 1980. The algorithm used to rank the movies provides an alternative to the standard box office rankings.

The same algorithm was also used to rank directors and actors. When applied to actors, Samuel L. Jackson, Clint Eastwood and Tom Cruise ranked as the top three.

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Scientific publication: Applied Network Science