PIN is only found in the upper end of each cell and marks polarity (magenta). Image: Matouš Glanc
Plant cells know where is up and down thanks to their mother cell - life short science news

For plants, it is important to know where is up and where is down, so that roots can grow down into the soil, and the rest of the plant can grow up to the light. Which each cell division as the plant grows, polarity in one of the two daughter cells is lost.

Biologists have now found that polarity is reestablished through a signal from the mother cell (i.e. from the cell that divided into two new cells), and is not signaled by neighboring cells. This signal depends on enzymatic activity and leads to the proper location of certain proteins such as PIN (a plant hormone transporter) that signal polarity.

Such signaling makes it possible that plants grow in the correct way.

Read the full story: Institute of Science and Technology Austria
Scientific publication: Nature Plants

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