The mantis shrimp has an extraordinary color vision despite rolling their eyes permanently.
Mantis shrimp has the most extreme eyes in the animal kingdom - short science news

The Mantis shrimp has amazing vision in many aspects. Also, they have the most mobile eyes in the animal world. In a new study, scientists investigated how vision works in these animals. Normally the eyes have to stop moving in order to see clearly, but the eyes of the Mantis shrimp roll constantly, without decreasing their vision. Moreover, the eyes move independently of each other. Their visual system seems immune to the effects of rolling the eyes. The shrimps can still tell which side is up or down even when the eyes are rolled, which is unusual in other animals. Science still has to figure out why the shrimps move their eyes and how are they still able to preserve such sharp vision.

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Scientific publication: Proceedings of the Royal Society B