Centipede venom can kill large preys. Nattawat Kaewjirasit, dreamstime.com
Giant centipedes kill very big prey by blocking potassium channels with deadly venom - Life news

The Chinese red-headed centipede, which can grow up to 20 cm (8 in) in length, can kill prey up to 15 times bigger then its body. The centipede weights about 3 grams, but it is capable of killing a mouse of 45g in a few seconds. A new study discovered that this is due to a peptide called SsTx found in the venom of the centipede. SsTx kills by blocking a group of potassium channels called KCNQ, essential for normal biological processes. By targeting these ion channels the venom disrupts the nervous system but also the respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

A video of the centipede in action is found here. Please be advised, the content may be disturbing to some viewers!

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Scientific publication: www.pnas.org