Bacterial resistance to antibiotics might develop slower when the bacteria are exposed to a stressor at the same time
Bacteria show slower evolution when facing two stressors at the same time - life short science news

Bacteria can adapt relatively quickly to altered living conditions, but they are much less efficient in doing so when they are facing two stressors at the same time. New research has shown that predator stress and antibiotics applied together slowed the development of protection and resistance.

Genetic analyses revealed that predation and antibiotics each induced a unique set of mutations when applied alone, but when combined, also mutate other genes and thus slow down adaptation processes.

Such slower bacterial evolution when two stressors are presented might lead to strategies to interfere with the development of antibiotics resistance, which represents a growing problem in human health care.

Read the full story: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Scientific publication: Nature Ecology and Evolution

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