In the times when an amputation was a death sentence, a man not only survived for decades, but he also replaced his lost hand with a long knife (orange color in the picture)! Credit: Micarelli et al. 2018; Journal of Anthropological Sciences. CC by 4.0
Anthropologists analyze medieval skeleton with knife-prosthetic arm - short science news - anthropology news

One of the most interesting human remains from the medieval times has been thoroughly studied by scientists. The 1500 years old skeleton comes from Italy and it has a missing arm. Scientists concluded the man probably lost the arm in battle or after a medical intervention. Impressively, in an era when no antibiotics were available, the man was able to survive the amputation and lived up to his 50s. Even more interesting, the available information suggests that the man had a prosthetic arm instead of the lost hand which ended with a long iron knife. A sort of Captain Hook, if you wish; he must have been quite a popular character in his times!

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Scientific publication: Journal of Anthropological Sciences