Feathers revealed in a ~125 million-year-old fossil of a bird hatchling, found in Spain. The use of a special laser revealed the presence of feathers (figure b), invisible in the counter slab (a) and the main slab containing the fossil (c). Scale is 5mm. Image: Kaye et al. 2019
Ancient bird could walk directly after hatching - life short science news

A fossil of a hatching bird, dating back to the days of the dinosaurs, has puzzled scientists since its discovery. What could have possibly been the lifestyle of this bird?

Now, by making use of modern laser technology, scientists found the remains of feathers on the body of the hatching chick. Therefore, one can conclude that the hatchling was out of the egg running.

Thus, the chicks of these bird species could have been following their parents, or foraging by themselves and escaping from the dangers of Mesozoic life.

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