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Worldwide survey: almost 5 million premature deaths because of air pollution - health short science news

In 2017, close to 5 million people died as a consequence of air pollution, according to today’s (April 3, 2019) State of Global Air report 2019.

Most deaths, 2.9 million, occurred because of exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2,5), and 1.6 million people died from air pollution due to cooking with contaminating fuels. Ozone was the cause of another 0.5 million premature deaths.

Breathing in polluted air increases the risk for cardiovascular diseases, respiration diseases, infections of the lungs, and cancer. Air pollution is the fifth most important cause of premature deaths worldwide, topping e.g. alcohol, malnutrition, drugs, or traffic accidents. Air pollution reduces the average life expectancy of newborns by 20 months.

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