Opioid crisis is fueling the increased death rates in America
Suicides and overdoses increased by 100% in 17 years due to opioids- latest scientific news and research

Researchers reviewed the evidence of overdose and suicide and found that these deaths increased from 14.7 to 33.7 per 100,000 in the last 17 years. This is in parallel to the increase in prescription of opioid painkillers and then the increased use of heroin followed by illegal manufacture of fentanyl.

Men had higher death rates for both suicide and overdose as compared to women. Unintentional overdose was highest in white men over 40 years with 50 deaths per 100,000. But the death rate amongst black men rose in middle and old age surpassing the white men.

Unintentional overdose was a more common cause than suicide for white, black or native American women. This is a cause for concern which needs urgent attention from policy makers.

Read the full story: ScienceDaily
Scientific publication: NEJM

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