High fructose in Colas could contribute to intestinal tumors
Sugary beverages linked to intestinal tumors - interesting science news

The next time you pick up that Cola, just remember this study. Scientists have shown that mice who daily consumed a high-fructose syrup which is equivalent to a 12 ounce of sugary beverage showed an accelerated growth of intestinal tumors. This effect was independent of the obesity associated with drinking these beverages.

The findings of this research also show that daily consumption of these sugary beverages can shorten the time required to develop these cancers which usually takes 20-30 years in humans to reach an aggressive stage.

The scientists also found that fructose in these fluids was first converted in the body for efficient conversion to fatty acids which then contributed to tumor growth. This shows that colorectal cancer cells use this fructose as a fuel to increase tumor growth. But, this also gives a new direction for treatment since fructose isn’t necessary for normal cell survival like glucose and hence therapy specifically targeting fructose metabolism could be explored.

Read the full story: Baylor College of Medicine
Scientific publication: Science

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