Knowing what exercises the elderly prefer, may help increase their engagement in physical activity
Study identifies what physical exercises older people prefer - daily science news in brief

A majority of the elderly are not motivated enough to engage in exercise and physical activities. A new study tried to understand what kinds of sports do older adults prefer and why some are more prone to dropping out of a training programme.

Called “Generation 100”, the study included data from more than 1500 participants aged between 70 and 77. Walking was the most popular activity amongst the elderly. All participants preferred outdoors exercises. The researchers observed differences between genders. For example, men preferred greater intensity training, while women were more likely to choose dance and walking.

Regarding the drop-off rates, the study concluded that adults with memory loss and lower education levels are the most likely to quit training. The results could help tailor exercise routines to appeal to the elderly in order to increase their activity levels.

Read the full story: Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Scientific publication: BMC Geriatrics