This doesn't give you a free pass, but nighttime snacking might not be affect blood sugar as much
Snacking before bedtime might not affect blood glucose - interesting science news

We all have been advised that there should be atleast a 2-hour gap between our last daily meal and bedtime. However, a newly published research brings into question this age-old advice.

In a study conducted on Japanese population found that leaving this ‘2-hour gap’ did not have any significant effect on the blood glucose levels over the long term. According to the scientists, people might be better able to maintain their health by getting enough sleep and keeping the weight, alcohol and smoking under check to avoid the ‘life-style’ diseases like diabetes and heart conditions.

However, this study should be viewed with caution since it is specific for Japanese population as the dietary habits of other countries might be significantly different.

Read the full story: BMJ News
Scientific publication: BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health

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