A protein inspired by scorpion venom could be used to transport drugs of therapeutic importance inside the brain
Scorpion venom to deliver drugs into the brain - science news headlines in brief

When attempting to deliver drugs into the brain one must consider the existence of the natural obstacle called the blood-brain barrier (BBB) which prevents many chemical compounds from entering the nervous system. To overcome this, a team of researchers plans to use a protein from a deadly source: the scorpion venom!

This small protein is derived from chlorotoxin, found in the scorpion venom (Giant Yellow Israeli scorpion) and it can cross the BBB. The team managed to chemically synthesize the carrier protein. By attaching drugs to it, they can be delivered them into the body and then they can reach the brain.

The final goal is to be able to deliver drugs to the nervous system in order to treat various diseases. The study is important since about 98% of drugs that have therapeutic potential cannot cross the blood-brain barrier by themselves.

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