With this reference diet, based on scientific research, many diseases can be prevented, and the Earth’s ecosystems preserved. Image: EAT-Lancet commission
Radically new eating habits needed to improve human health and protect the Earth - health short science news

For three years, 37 experts from 16 countries have been working to establish the first scientific targets for a healthy diet from sustainable food systems. This reference diet is necessary to prevent the 11 million avoidable premature deaths worldwide and to save the Earth.

Two recommendations that are very obvious from the study is that people in developed countries should cut their red meat consumption by 50% and double their fruit and vegetables intake.

To drastically change our eating habits, policy makers should work together with those working in agriculture, transport, trade, health, and industry, and consumers should pay more attention to what they eat, scientists say.

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Scientific publication: The Lancet (Comment)
Scientific publication: The Lancet (Article)

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