Scientist Jennifer Roberts collected soil samples in the Kongsfjorden region of Svalbard, Norway, that showed antibiotic-resistant genes have transferred into soil-microbe populations in one of Earth's most remote locations. Image: Jennifer Roberts/KU News Service
Multidrug resistance genes found in Arctic soil microbes - health short science news

New research has revealed that the spread of antibiotic-resistant microbes, including multidrug-resistant "superbugs" is a global phenomenon and could potentially carry high risk of human health worldwide.

One of these genes is the New Delhi gene which first emerged in India only a few years ago, and is now found in the High Arctic of Norway, a remote area where only few people come. Researchers think that the genes are transferred by humans and birds.

Our human and animal use of antibiotics can thus have impacts beyond local communities, as they are global, and this calls for rethinking of antibiotics use and waste.

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