Sleeping problems are now categorized into five different disorders
Insomnia represents five disorders, not one - health short science news
Scientists found that insomnia is not a uniform disorder, but that there are five different types that are linked to personality traits.

Type 1 is linked to neuroticism and feeling down or tense. Types 2 and 3 can be distinguished by high or low sensitivity to reward. Types 4 and 5 differs by the way their sleep responds to stressful life events, with type 4 patients suffering from long-lasting insomnia.

Types also differed in their EEG responses to environmental stimuli, indicating that the differences between the five insomnia types are anchored in the brain. These results explain why some treatments work in some, but not in others. Also, new therapies based on brain research can now be developed for each type of insomnia.

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Scientific publication: The Lancet Psychiatry