GenX and GenY mortality varies with ethnicity
Increasing mortality rates seen in Gen X and Gen Y - short science news and articles

In addition to the older Baby Boomers, Gen X (38-45 years old) and Gen Y (27-37 years old), are also showing increasing patterns of mortality. While in the Baby Boomers the cause of mortality is drug overdose, traffic accidents, homicides, suicide, COPD and HIV/AIDS, the leading causes of death in Gen X and Gen Y vary according to their ethnicity.

For Hispanics, it is drug overdose and suicide, for non-Hispanic white male and females it is drug overdose and alcohol related diseases. For non-Hispanic black women, the leading cause of death is diabetes related conditions and for black men it is cancer, alcohol related disease and traffic accidents.

Researchers indicate that certain disparities might be due to access to opioid prescription drugs to the black community.

Read the full story: ScienceDaily
Scientific publication: International Journal of Epidemiology

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