Camu Camu could help in the fight against obesity
Fight obesity with this Amazon forest fruit - short science articles and news

Camu Camu might not sound like an interesting fruit, however it contains 20 times higher amount of vitamin C as compared to kiwi and about 5 times higher amount of polyphenol compared to blackberries. Researchers administered its extract to mice fed with a diet rich in fats, sugar, and discovered that it decreased the incidence of obesity in these mice. The weight gain in these mice was about 50% lower. Scientists believe that the Camu Camu extract increases the resting state metabolism, improves insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. It also decreases the metabolic inflammation along with changes in the intestinal microbiota. Interestingly, transplanting intestinal microbiota in germ free mice induced similar metabolic effects in these rats indicating that Camu Camu might act via alteration of the gut bacteria.

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Scientific publication: Gut