Fecal transplant could help against deadly infection
Fecal transplant to treat antibiotic resistant bacteria - interesting science news

Clostridoides difficile is a lethal bacterium that is resistant to several antibiotics and leads to sepsis and death if not treated immediately. Now we have a new weapon to treat it; its poop!!!

While, the drug of choice is oral vancomycin, there are several newer antibiotics, but these are very expensive. Further using antibiotics to treat a gut infection could be disastrous since it kills other useful bacteria.

This is where fecal transplant comes in. This can be transplanted by ememas, capsules or direct installations to improve the flourishing of normal the good bacteria and thus control and then prevent the recurrence of C.difficile infections.

Read the full story: American Osteopathic Association (via ScienceDaily)
Scientific publication: The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association

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