When high school start is delayed, teenagers sleep longer in the morning
Delayed high school start in the morning improves sleep, grades and attention in teenagers - health short science news

Scientists have reported on the effects of delaying high school start from 7:50 am to 8:45 pm leads to increased sleep time in teenagers. Sleep measurements were done with wrist activity monitors, and not self-reports as is usually done in sleep research.

While the teenagers did not go to bed later, but woke up later in the morning, sleep duration increased by more than half an hour (from 6 h 50 min to 7 h 24 min). This improved attention and grades at school.

Scientists say that the new school times fit better with the biological clock of teenagers, although the teenagers still do not manage to sleep the recommended eight to ten hours each night.

Read the full story: University of Washington – Seattle
Scientific publication: Science Advances

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