The pathways between climate change and human health. Image: Lancet Countdown
Climate change and fine particulate matter responsible of millions of premature deaths - health short science news

A large international group of scientists write that there is a direct link between climate change and human health. For example, in 2015 alone, fine particulate matter caused 2.9 million premature deaths, with coal being responsible for more than 460,000, or 16%.

The scientists, from 27 top universities, report that (1) climate change leads to an unacceptable high risk for human health, (2) there is too little progress of emission reduction, (3) the quality and quantity of efforts to halt climate change determine human health worldwide in the centuries to come, and (4) it is extremely important that everybody starts to realize that climate change is an essential threat to public health.

Read the full story: The Lancet Countdown
Scientific publication: The Lancet Countdown

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