Cancer is the main cause of death in high-income countries. Image: The Lancet
Cancer is now the leading death cause in high-income countries - health short science news

The results of studies reported in the scientific journal “The Lancet” show that cancer is now the most common cause of death worldwide, but especially so in developed countries. Cardiovascular disease remains the most important death cause in middle- and low-income countries.

World-wide, cancer was the cause of mortality in 26% of the cases in 2017, but as mortality due to cardiovascular disease in high-income countries continues to drop, the share of cancer is likely to increase. Differences between low-income and high-income countries are explained by the lower quality of health care in low-income countries, and successful management and prevention of cardiovascular disease in high-income countries.

Researchers argue that governments of low-income countries should invest more in management and prevention of cardiovascular disease, rather than focusing largely on infectious diseases.

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