Any form of Brexit will harm the UK National Health Service, with the No-Deal Brexit causing the most damage
Brexit expected to harm UK National Health Service, especially under the No-Deal scenario - health short science news

The leading medical journal The Lancet reports that Brexit will significantly harm the UK National Health Service (NHS), and that the No-Deal Brexit option will do the most damage. Negative effects of Brexit are expected to be reflected in diminished health care work force, reduced NHS financing, reduced availability of medications and vaccines, and reduces sharing of information and medical research.

The authors of the paper, leading experts in public health and law, warn that the UK is not prepared for negative effects of Brexit on the NHS, and argue that it is vital to understand the impact Brexit, in whichever form, will have on NHS.

Finally, the authors point out that their article is based on the currently available legal texts, but is limited by the lack of transparency about the British Governments preparations, the lack of detail in the Political Declaration, and the fact that there is no comparison possible, as the UK will be the first nation to leave the EU.

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Scientific publication: The Lancet