Babies can now be born from a deceased donor uterus from recipient women with uterine infertility
Baby born following uterus transplantation from diseased donor - health short science news

For the first time, a baby was born from a deceased donor uterus in a recipient with uterine infertility. The baby was born by Caesarean delivery, and the uterus was removed in the same surgical procedure.

While livebirths had already been achieved with uteri from live donors, clinicians have continued to search for ways to use a uterus from a deceased donor, as there are very few uteri available for transplantation.

The now reported successful transplantation of, and birth from, a deceased donor uterus may be a new treatment of uterine infertility without the need of living donors or live donor surgery.

Read the full story: The Lancet
Scientific publication: The Lancet

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