Afternoon sleeping is so good for decreasing your blood pressure
Afternoon siesta keeps high blood pressure away - interesting science news

When you are suffering from high-blood pressure your doctor tells you to decrease your salt and alcohol intake, both which you don’t want to do. Your doctor also puts you on certain blood pressure lowering pills. All these measures reduce your blood pressure by 5-7 mm Hg on an average.

Its now understood that taking an afternoon nap also decreases your blood pressure by the same magnitude and this is something you would willingly do, wont you? Its also shown that patients ended up needing fewer antihypertension drugs to maintain their blood pressure.

This finding is extremely important since even a drop in blood pressure by 2 mm Hg reduces the risk of heart attacks by as much as 10%. Off you go to sleep?

Read the full story: American College of Cardiology

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