Removing the RCAN1 gene in mice prevents obesity, even when the animals are fed a high fat diet. Image: Flinders University
A wonder gene discovered, permitting to eat without gaining weight - health short science news

Researchers have found that when the gene RCAN1 is knocked out in mice, the animals can eat as much as they want and do not put on weight, even when they are fed a high fat diet.

Also, these mice lacking RCAN1 have a higher metabolic rate; they expend more calories as heat than they store as fat. For humans to prevent obesity, it will no longer be necessary to go the gym to work out to burn calories or eat less.

Scientists are already in the process of developing drugs that make this possible by targeting the protein that RCAN1 makes.

Read the full story: Flinders University (through
Scientific publication: EMBO Reports

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