Unhealthy diet accounts for more deaths than previously thought
20% of death linked to poor diet - interesting science news

The Global Burden of Disease study tracked 15 dietary factors between 1990-2017 of 195 countries and estimated that 1 in 5 deaths that occur globally are linked to poor diet or diets which contribute to chronic diseases. That’s an astonishing 11 million deaths.

Of the 11 million deaths, a staggering 10 million were due to cardiovascular diseases, 913,000 due to cancer and 339,000 associated with type 2 diabetes. Also, these 11 million deaths is an increase from the 8 million deaths linked to diet in 1990.

Further, the study found that in 2017, more deaths were associated with low amounts of food like whole grains, fruits and nuts as compared to deaths due to high levels of trans fats, sugary drinks and red meat.

Read the full story: ScienceDaily
Scientific publication: The Lancet
Scientific publication: The Lancet

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