Strontium levels in bones from an ancient burial site allow scientists to tell where the builders of Stonehenge came from. Credit: Freesaly, Flickr
Where the mysterious builders of Stonehenge came from - short science news

About five thousand years ago, the builders of the mysterious Stonehenge monument buried cremated bodies near Amesbury, U.K. Now, archeologists are investigating this ancient burial site and they think that now they know where those people came from. The burials of 58 individuals were uncovered in 1919. Dating of the remains revealed that the cremations were interred during the earliest stages of the construction of Stonehenge, from 3000 to 2480 B.C.E. The study suggests that 10 of the builders were living most probably west Wales; the remaining 15 bodies investigated were from the region local to Stonehenge. The researchers analyzed Strontium levels in the bones to conclude this.

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