Fearsome dinosaur-like animal liked eating the bones of its prey. Credit: Jakub Kowalski
This Triassic T-rex like monster ate bones for breakfast - science news articles

New evidence suggests that the archosaur Smok wawelski, that looked similar to the more popular T rex, had the habit of eating the bones of its prey. This dinosaur-like animal was 5-6 meters long and it lived 210 million years ago, in Late Triassic.

Scientists studied the fossilized excrements (coprolites) of Smok walwelski and discovered that they contained up to 50% bones from prey animals. Very likely, this predator ate bones for their content in salt and marrow, a behavior often seen in mammals.

Interestingly, the coprolites also contained several crouched teeth, probably belonging to the predator itself. This means that occasionally their teeth were crushed against the hard food and later replaced by new ones.

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