The loss of vegetation is pushing the limits of climate change faster than espected
The tipping point of climate change is here - interesting science news

The world’s carbon emission is at a all time high and there seems to be no slowing down. However, at present the ocean, forests and savannas are absorbing approximately 50% of these emissions which explains the bleaching of coral reefs, ocean acidification and higher carbon storage in forests.

The problem now is, due to continued loss of vegetation, earth might not be able to abate the effects of higher carbon emission by humans. The scientists were able to assess the effects of variations in the long-term soil moisture trend as well as short-term variability like floods and droughts to come to this conclusion.

The researchers predict that this will result in increased frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events like rainfalls and hurricanes.

Read the full story: Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Scientific publication: Nature

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