Eruption column of Mount Pinatubo on Luzon Island in the Philippines on June 12, 1991. The eruption, the largest on Earth in the past 100 years, ejected particles into the stratosphere, and temporarily influenced temperatures on Earth. Image: Dave Harlow/USGS
History of big, climate-altering volcanic eruptions rewritten - Earth short science news

By applying a new method to measure sulfur isotopes in Antarctic icesheets, scientists have identified the largest of volcanic eruptions up to 2,600 years ago that had ejected particles into the stratosphere, before settling on, and being trapped in, the icesheets.

The study confirmed previously reported eruptions, but also disqualified other reports, and added new eruptions.

These large eruptions temporarily cool down the Earth due to the ejection of particles in the stratosphere, and are thus phenomena important enough to be included in climate change models, researchers say.

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