The atmosphere has an ozone layer that protects agains radiation. Credit: bigstockphoto
Earth’s ozone layer continues to get thinner at mid-latitudes and tropics

The earth’s atmosphere contains a layer of ozone, which protects life against high-energy radiation. In the last century, the ozone layer thinned considerably until 1989 when measures were taken to protect it. Since then, the layer has recovered over the poles, but a new study shows that ozone is continuing to decrease at mid- and tropical latitudes (60° S and 60° N). This phenomenon is happening in the lower part of the stratosphere (15 to 24 km) – where the ozone layer is at its densest. The reasons for the continuing decline are still unclear. Scientists are worried by this new discovery and they advocate for further research and measures to be taken in order to protect the ozone layer.

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Scientific publication: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal