High-resolution mapping of the distribution of elements in a sample from the 2000-year-old Temple Scroll, as shown by the colors at the right of this image, is providing valuable insight into its ancient fabrication methods and modern conservation strategies. Image: James Weaver
Dead Sea Scroll made with lost ancient parchment-making technology - history short science news

The Temple Scroll is one of 900 historic and theological invaluable documents written on parchment over 2,000 years ago and found in 1947 in caves in the Judea desert near the Dead Sea in Israel.

New research methodology has now revealed that the parchment has been manufactured by using a particular type of salt that contains sulphate. This method was only used in antiquity, as one of several different technologies.

The salt used to manufacture the parchment is not found in the Dead Sea, raising questions as to the location where the Scrolls were actually written. Also the results can be applied directly to optimize the storage conditions of the Scrolls.

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