The text from old cuneiform tablets allowed identification of the lost city of Mardaman, in Irak. Credit: Matthias Lang/ Benjamin Glissmann, University of Tübingen eScience-Center
Ancient royal city of Mardaman discovered by archeologists - science news in brief

The lost royal city of Mardaman is mentioned in ancient sources, but, it was never discovered. Now, translation of 92 Assyrian clay tablets from the 2nd millennium BC offered clues that allowed researchers to identify the city. It turns out that the site where the tablets were found in 2017 is the actual royal city of Mardaman, according to the texts. It existed between 2,200 and 1,200 years BC in what is now the Autonomous Region of Kurdistan in Iraq. It was at times a kingdom or a provincial capital and was conquered and destroyed several times.

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