A melting glacier in Antarctica is sounding the death knell for us
A big cavity in Antarctica glacier detected - interesting science news

A new NASA led study has shown disturbing evidence of a huge cavity at the bottom of the Thwaites Glacier in the West Antarctica. This cavity is about 2/3rd the size of Manhattan and about 1000 feet tall indicating that the glacier is disintegrating.

The researchers used a very high-resolution technique called radar interferometry to identify the ground surface below the ice sheets of the glacier.

The Thwaites Glacier is responsible for 4% of the total sea level rise and has the capacity to raise the world ocean level to more than 2 feet if it melts altogether. The problem now is, as more heat and water will get under the glacier, it will start melting at an accelerated rate.

Read the full story: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Scientific publication: Sciences Advances

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